SourceGas - Source Gas Western slope CO/CAPP service repairs what a joke!!!!

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called for service on my air conditioner (not working). Called the company they referred me to and the phone was answered by a bunch of laughing men, not announcing the company name or even saying Said they would not come out because I was not "nice enough" to their techs.

These morons they send out never know what they are doing and have never fixed anything other that basic part replacements on my refrigerator. The last tech they sent out weighed about 400 lbs and stunk with body odor to high heaven.

When I called in I requested they not send him out again, not mentioning the body odor issue, apparently, that offended them.

Their CAPP program is a joke as the "techs" have absolutely no training other then very basic repairs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sourcegas Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

SourceGas - Rip off Gas service repair

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I had a gas water heater that the thermal coupler went on. I went on vacation so my wife called source Gas to fix it.

This man named Jesse from Cozad Nebraska came out and wasn't here long. He just went on what my wife told the one taking her call what it was doing. She told them that the pilot would not light but in reality it would light it just would not stay lit. So the *** just decided not to test the thermocouple and automatically figured it was the burn unit not lighting.

The pilot would light it just would not stay lit. Any real service guy first would of checked the thermocouple. Anyway he puts it in and charges 1 1/2 hours labor lights it and leaves. It stays lit until the water gets to temp and then it goes out you have to relight it and let it get to hot again .

Point is this Gas company is gonna charge 297.63 for what a water heater that is not working. So when I get home I call source gas and tell them it still is not working and now they wanna charge me more. Jesse the tech calls the next day and says the only other thing it can be is the valve and say it would cost 300.00 bucks more to fix. Still no mention of the thermocouple a 12 dollar part what a rip.

I ended up fixing it myself and guess what it was all along. The Thermocouple.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sourcegas Water Heater Repair.

Reason of review: Mis diagnosed problem still not working product.

Monetary Loss: $298.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

SourceGas - Im haveing a problem with my gas company it was there mistake thay wont fix it

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last year my gas bill went up 900 dollers in one mounth december i am dicabled and live alone in a very small house i am on leap thay gave me severle resones thay have now thretond to turn of my gas but this is there mistake i need help instide of fixing there misake there anser is that i should send them a check and thay will reimburse me win the problem is solved there investigating since december can i expect to ge some help please call 719 250 2867 i dont know were else to turn my bill was paid curent

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